Freedom Through Science - A guide to Using Art. 11.073 to attack convictions based on the junk science

Freedom Through Science - a Guide to Attacking Junk Science

Every year thousands of people are based on the use of "junk science". Sometimes the science is not valid - such as arson and shaken baby cases. Other times the science is valid, but it is not properly applied, such as when a lab analyst doesn't properly test a drug exhibit. Every week we see headlines where some forensic problem has been idetnified. Some of the more recent headlines include:

  • Austin DWI trial stymied by complaints of dirty blood draw room
  • Thousands of DWI cases potentially at risk as credibility of DWI lab expert questioned
  • Dozens of DWWI cases at risk after Employee fired in League City

The big question is what happens when something like this happens, and you don't find out until after you've already been convicted. This book is designed to answer that question.

Texas has been at the forefront of forensic reform, and has the only statute directly specifically at cases where junk science was used to obtain a conviction - Article 11.073 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. Texas is also one of the few jurisdictions that have recognized a due process violation when false evidence has been used, even if no one knew it was false at the time it was used. This book walks you through the process of filing a writ of  habeas cases.

This book also explains how the process in different situations, looking at a case invovling an infant death, arson and drug testing. There are also chapters on:

  • How do You know if you have a claim
  • How to Make a Claim, and
  • Other ways to attack a conviction

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