Stop Your Criminal Record From Holding You Back With Expunction or an Order of Nondisclosure

The words "expunction" and "nondisclosure" are not in everyone's vocabulary, but the ideas behind them are what many people with legal troubles hope for: if you have been arrested, charged or convicted, you may have a chance to limit the accessibility of your record, or even wipe it clean. Of course, not everyone is eligible for these actions, but a Waco expunction and nondisclosure lawyer will be able to assess your case and let you know what the next steps should be.

How Do You Get an Expunction or Order of Nondisclosure in Texas?

First, it is important to understand the difference between expunction and orders of nondisclosure in Texas.

Expunction means that all or certain parts of your criminal record are completely erased. As far as the law is concerned, it's as if the incident (and any legal proceedings) never happened. Individuals eligible for expunction were generally arrested for a crime and never charged, or charged with a crime that was ultimately dismissed.

Nondisclosure could still be an option if you are not eligible for expunction. An order of nondisclosure limits who can access your criminal records. It means your records are exempt from the Public Information Act but are still available to criminal justice agencies, authorized non-criminal justice agencies and, of course, to you.

Whether you're looking for an expunction or an order of nondisclosure, you will need to begin by meeting with attorney Walter Reaves. If he determines that you should be eligible, he will take care of filing a petition with the court that originally dealt with your criminal offense. Once that petition is filed, a hearing date will be set. At that hearing, it will be determined if you will be granted the expunction or order of nondisclosure.

Don't Let Your Criminal Record Ruin Your Life. Call Attorney Walter Reaves for a Free Consultation

It's part of human nature to make mistakes, but unfortunately, some mistakes can hurt our lives more than others. Texas can be very strict with people who break the law, but they are still forgiving in some ways with the options for expunction and nondisclosure. They understand that in certain situations, you really do not deserve to have your future negatively affected by your past actions.

If you are interested in expunction or an order of nondisclosure and you'd like to find out if you qualify, contact Waco criminal attorney Walter Reaves at 254-296-0020 for more information.

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